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2021 Keqiao Textile ExpoAutumn,Shaoxing China will be held Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center during October 26-28.2021.
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Market Information

China Textile City Traditional Trade Zone
With a total area of 1,020,000 square meters, the traditional trade zone of China Textile City consists of Beilian Market, Dongsheng Road Market , Old Market, United Market,Tianhui Market, East Market, North Market, West Market Area etc.

Beilian Market: fabrics of curtain, window screening, cloth art, and related fabrics
Dongsheng Road Market: woolen fabrics, denim , select fabrics and knitted fabrics.
Old Market: high-grade suiting, plaids, home textile fabrics and beddings.
United Market: fabrics of curtain and window decorations, fashion fabrics
Tianhui Market: fabrics of curtain and window decorations, cotton printing
East Market: fabrics for women wear, knitted fabrics
North Market: fabrics of curtain and window decorations, fashion fabrics
West Market: all kinds of clothing fabrics, retail cloth

China Textile City (Bei Lian) Curtain Market
Covering a building area of above 220,000m2, China Textile City (Bei Lian) Curtain Market has five storeys with total invest of over 1.4 billion Yuan. There are over 2300 business rooms, one to four storey are business rooms, while the fifth storey is for administration offices,business offices and dining area. The market was put into operation in February in 2012. With the operation mode of "government guidance, cost reducing, standard management and innovation& development", it is devoted to building the leading specialized market with largest scale, most transaction of all kinds of fabrics and optimized prize.

China Textile City International Trade Zone
International Trade Zone of China Textile City aims at "modernization, corporatization and specialization", which is a modern market and trade zone integrating exhibition, commerce & trade, office, and e-business etc. The first phase of International Trade Zone is of construction area of 600,000 square meters, consisting of Times Plaza, Wonder Plaza, Yongli Mansion, International Trade Mansion, Qinye Square, Fengyi Business Center and Foreign Trade Mansion which are all in operation with more than 90% settlement rate. The second phase construction of the International Trade Zone is 350,000 square meters, consisting of Central Mansion, Fortune Mansion, Diamond Mansion and Oriental Mansion which are all completed and in operation.

China Textile City Market Innovation Zone
Market Innovation Zone of China Textile City regards "the main market of China Textile City and a domestic professional market of the most cost-effective competitive edge" as its target to create a brand new system of modern market.

Online China Textile City
With a total investment of 2 billion Yuan from Shaoxing County government during "The 12th Five" period, Online China Textile City intends to become the world's largest textile E-commerce platform with textile industry news, trade information database,complete collection of products and enterprises, online textile transaction, public information services, the effective realization of tangible market and online market development.
Online China Textile City will cover all of Shaoxing textile enterprises and dealers, as well as the domestic and overseas 1,800,000 professional textile membership, efforts to build the world's most concentrated textile information, the most convenient trade transaction and the highest credit of the textile industry e-commerce platform. Online China Textile City will include Five Centers: Trade information Center, Textile News Center, Online Transaction Center, Community Center and Public Information Center as well as Six Supports: Textile Warehouse& logistics and Testing Services, Textile Showroom Services, Online Finance Service, Market Management Services, Mobile Terminal Services, Textile Enterprises Online Office Services.
The establishment of Online China Textile City will serve more than 60% of the global textile enterprises, become the backbone and important force in the modern textile and garment industry , which will eventually make a contribution for the textile industry transition and industry upgrading.

China Textile City Scarf Market
China Textile City Scarf Market is a professional wholesale market which is wholly invested by government. It is located in the world textile trading centre---- Keqiao,Zhejiang. Between China Textile City traditional trade zone and the international trade zone, it enjoys convenient traffic, China Textile City International Conference & Exhibition Centre, World Trading Centre and Wanda plaza are on the opposite side of the road. Meanwhile International freight customs clearance, China Textile City Logistics Center are available nearby.
China Textile City Scarf Market is made up of more than 1000 operating rooms and the market has attracted many professional dealers and manufacturers from Yiwu, Tonglu, Linping, Lin'an, Jiangsu owing to the excellent location, mature market platform, perfect business supporting, lowest operating cost, superior market environment.
The first phase of market was successfully opened in May 6th, 2011. With the entering of abundant professional manufacturers, there are various kinds of products with favorable price, including scarves, kerchiefs and shawls which made by silk, emulation silk, flax, cotton, cashmere and so on.

China Textile City Grey Fabric Market
With total investment of RMB 700 million Yuan, China Textile City Grey Fabric Market covers an area of 53666 square meters, and has the construction area of 180,000 square meters including 2400 business rooms with obvious comparative advantage: marketing policy advantages, having the support of more than 22000 grey fabric business operators as well as foreign companies, convenient traffic, first-class facilities and thorough marketing service.
More than 800 excellent proprietors have settled down. At present, China Textile City Grey Fabric Market has become the most specialized grey fabric market with the largest scale, collective transaction, complete varieties and most attracting price with domestic operators from all over the country in Zhejiang province. Nowadays, the market spares no effort to become the largest grey fabric market over the country.

China Textile City Textile Raw Materials Market
Established in 1993, Qianqing Textile Raw Materials Market of China Textile City is one of the ten largest production materials markets and the largest textile materials market in China. Meanwhile, it is also the biggest distribution center of textile materials in Asia. In 2011, its transaction volume reached RMB 41.525 billion Yuan. Qianqing becomes the "barometer" for the materials market across China, and affects the prices fluctuation and demand-supply balance in the world. It is known as the No. 1 Chinese Textile Materials Town.

China Textile City Logistics Supporting Zone
a. China Textile City International Logistics Center
China Textile City International Logistics Center covers an area of 250,000 square meters and integrates many functions including storage, transportation, packing and distribution, third-party logistics, international transport agent etc. With an annual transport volume of 2.5 million tons, it is the textile logistics platform of strong force, large scale, comprehensive lines and integrated functions in the East China.
b. China Textile City Kedong Storage Zone
Covering about 50,000 m2, China Textile City Kedong Storage Zone has construction area of 133,500 square meters and with total investment of RMB 230 million Yuan. It was put into operation in May 2008; it has greatly improved the condition of the heavy logistics pressure in the China Textile City Traditional Trade Zone and become convenient market logistics transfer station for storage & transportation and loading &unloading.
c. China Textile City Logistics Center
China Textile City Logistics Center has planed land of 143,000 square meters, construction area of 200,000 square meters and a total investment of about RMB750 million Yuan. The Logistics Center integrates the customs office, commodity inspection, logistics and distribution, storage and other functions to become a competitive "inland one-step channel" in Yangtze River Delta region.

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